Thursday, July 26, 2012

Table Trash

I'm a stickler for the students being responsible for cleaning up their desks.  Often we will do projects with small scraps or they are engrossed in something and don't want to walk to the trash. I will occasionally find trash hidden in my library! Yikes! My solution is based on an idea I saw on Pinterest. Each desk group will have their own trash can and the table captain of the day is responsible for it. I think it will work well and keep the getting up and down to a minimum.

Birthday Fun

I've seen some really cute birthday balloons on pixie sticks for classroom birthdays and wanted to try a non-food version. A complete set of 35 cost about $3.00. Here's what I did:
1. Make a star in Word and insert text "Happy Birthday - No Homework Tonight!"
2. Copy on scrapbook paper. I found some cute cupcake paper at Michaels.
3. Cut out stars
4. Staple two together
5. Insert glow stick carefully between two stapled together stars.
6. Keep in a tall vase to prevent glow sticks from snapping.

Variation: use birthday pencils