Monday, August 13, 2012

Must Haves For Your Classroom!

This is my Top 10 List of Must Haves for the Classroom!

1. Name Tags:

My purpose is not really to identify the student but have a learning resource available for the students. I prefer the ones that have the cursive alphabet, place value, multiplication chart and if I can get a hundreds chart too that's really great. I find they last a long time and are used by the students.

2. Mr. Sketch Markers

These smelly markers are long lasting , vibrant smelly markers that I use for my anchor charts.
No student use allowed!

3. Crayola 10 Pack Markers For $1 Dollar. 

I buy a class set when they go on sale for $1. My school doesn't provide them and students will often bring their own and donate them at the end of the year. I refresh every other year.

4. Colored Pencils:

I also buy when they go on sale for $1 and buy every other year.

5. Extra Long Pencil Boxes:

I like the desks to look neat and require students to use my pencil boxes that are about 18 inches long. I reuse them and hope to only replace about 10 a year. They go on sale for less than $2 if you watch the ads. This is my third year using them and I've only has to replace 1-2 a year. Magic Eraser will get them clean including permanent marker.

6. $1 scissors

I buy 5-10 a year, I've never had the Fiskers brand break.

7. Black & color Sharpie markers

I get a class set of black fine point from Costco and ask for donations of color and ultra fine. I keep these for special projects. Students are not allowed to keep them in their desk.

8. Painters tape

I use it to make frames on student work I put in the windows

9. Fabric
I go to Walmart and get fabric for my bulletin boards. I can relate it to my theme, fold it up and put it away til the next year.

10. Erin Condrin Custom Plan Book

I bought a beautiful custom plan book from not cheap but look for coupons.

Hope that helps you think about what you need to get for back to school!